Tech on Deck, an NAEYC Technology and Young Children Interest Forum event, is a two-day professional learning experience designed to help early care and education professionals learn about traditional and emerging technologies through hands-on experience and demonstrations. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in conversations on how technology and digital media tools can be integrated into their unique setting.

Highlighted Technology Sessions bring together some of the most influential, leading international experts in technology and early childhood. These sessions will provide Tech on Deck participants with hands-on experiences, demonstrations, and engaging conversations regarding practical uses of technology in the early care and education setting.

Speed Tech Sessions are 30-minute sessions that will allow participants to learn evidence-based practices in technology integration from early childhood practitioners. Practitioners will share with participants how they are using technology to enhance children’s learn
ing environments and the process that led them to use it.

Roundtable Chats, hosted by national experts in the field of technology and early childhood, provide participants with an excellent venue to engage in in-depth discussions, hands-on experiences and network with like-minded professionals.

Tech on Deck also offers “free play,” an open space where participants will encounter a variety of traditional and emerging technology tools, such as overhead projectors, blocks, robots, iPads, tablets, STEM resources, and much more.  Technology tools will be accompanied by a one-pager explaining the tool and some examples of how each tool is used in the classroom.







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